Ways to examine two e-readers – Nook vs Kindle

by GudeMuckle

When comparing the Nook vs Kindle, which is right for you?

Even though there are lots of new manufacturers on the market, Nook vs Kindle is the comparison I hear about the most. Without a doubt, they are the most popular two.

The goal of this article is to guide you in making your decision. The facts that we point out will help you do just that.

I will have to assume you have just started searching, so allow me to go over some of the basics. While the Nook and the Kindle both have many similarities, there are a few features on specific models that can change your mind on which one you want. Your budget may be the biggest factor in determining which model you can afford, since some “extra” features can raise the cost.

Do you really want color screens?

If color is what you seek in an e-reader, then make sure you check out the Barnes and Noble Nook Color and the Kindle Fire by Amazon. It doesn’t do them justice to call them an e-reader anymore. They go way beyond that now. The vivid color makes the reading experience so incredible, especially if you are reading a n illustrated children’s book. And you also get streaming movies and music.

If I were going to say there was a downside, it would have to be that color machines don’t have the fantastic e-ink feature. This is an easy on the eyes feature that many have come to love in an e-reader. You could enjoy reading anywhere, no matter how bright the light may be. But it was limited to just that.

The color costs more.

If you just want to read a book, and you don’t care about color or games, then you can get a pretty nice model of either the Nook or the Kindle for a hundred dollars or less. If color is a must, then expect a Kindle Fire to cost about $200.00 an a Nook Color to be around $250.00.

I think it is safe to call the Kindle Fire and the Nook color more of an entry level tablet. They do much more than just an e-reader. Sporting so many great features, they start to take on the look of an IPad. The biggest difference being they run about a third of the price. A great option for someone whose budget is not “unlimited”.

The Nook vs Kindle battle will continue for a long time, and the battle will be a bit like the battle between Ford and Chevy. As long as you see the features avaialbe, you are going to love it. And the other one will be, well, the other one. They are both great machines and your personal experience is going to determine if you are a fan of one or the other.

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