What Is Liberty Reserve ? and liberty reserve exchangers


“Liberty Reserve” is a digital currency and largest online payment processor and money transfer system like paypal that serves over millions since 2002. Liberty Reserve Account holder send or receive money to or from anyone in the world and unlike Paypal, If you have an Liberty Reserve account, you can easily access to make payments quickly. Liberty Reserve does not accept direct transactions to and from their system.LB  Accounts are funded or cashed out using an exchanger,


Liberty Reserve exchanger list:


Leading e-currency exchange provider, operating since 2006.



PaysGold are the first international e-cunrrency exchange provider in China. They accept cash deposits in China.



They operating since 2006 and providing an unbeatable low rates, retail/wholesale, fast and reliable e-currency exchange services. They are leading Liberty Reserve Exchanger in NIGERIA.



Official Liberty Reserve merchant wholesaler. Guaranteed good service



100% client satisfaction rate since 2005. All orders processed within one business day.



Buy/Sell your e-currency with profit or at spot. The biggest e-currency auction web site verified by LibertyReserve.


Fee Comparison Chart :

 Details: MoneyBookers PayPal Neteller Liberty Reserve
Location UK USA* UK Costa Rica
Transaction Fee 1.9%-7.9% + 0.29 € 2.4%-3.4% + $0.30 3.5% 1%
Minimum Fee 0.29 € $0.30 $1.00 $0.01
Maximum Fee $1000+ $1000+ $10.00 $2.99
Monthly Fee $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Optional Privacy Fee Not Offered Not Offered Not Offered Yes
Cost of a$100 Transfer $8.27 $3.70 $3.50 $1.00
Cost of a$1000 Transfer $79.37 $34.30 $10.00 $2.99
Cost of a$10,000 Transfer $790.37 $340.30 $10.00 $2.99
Notes chargebacks chargebacks chargebacks chargebacks


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