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E-commerce means “Electronic commerce” is a basic term for any type of commercial transaction or business.

Ecommerce  includes the transfer of information across the Internet. Ecommerce helps, selling and buying of services  and products by businesses and consumers over the Internet . It also includes the entire online process of selling, developing, servicing, marketing, paying and delivering for products and services. E-commerce is also conducted through the more limited electronic forms of communication called fax, e-mail and the emerging use of phone calls over the Internet.

How does E-Commerce Work?

In order for your web site to accept e-card like online shopping card, debit cards, electronic checks and credit cards you need to be aware of the following e-commerce basics.

E-commerce Popularity

E commerce became popular as a method of business because it is inexpensive and merchants can avoid overhead costs like staff, security systems and commercial space.


Benefits for your organization:
+ E-commerce website is not confined to business hours. It is continuous, 24  hours a day and 365 days a year. It truly is a 24/7 cashier
+ No more bounced checks
+ Greater convenience
+ Elimination of errors

Benefits for Customers:
+ You can use a shopping cart type system
+ No more lost money
+ Convenience and ease of use.
+ you can shop anytime anywhere all over the internet.
+ Variety and more choice
+ E-commerce replaces conventional physical shopping

Best Ecommerce Website:
We find that many online companies who have had a similar experience launch eCommerce for the benefit of their customers, and end up being very successful—only to find that this success comes at a cost to their retailers. Some popular ecommerce website list bellow:-

+Amazon +Ebay + Alibaba + Community Junction ( CJ ) etc

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