Freelancing in Bangladesh

Internet business revolution in every respect. An activity of writing is no different. Today, freelancers can live over the Internet by creating content for various websites free and independent customers from anywhere in the world.

Most of the people in Bangladesh are facing the unemployment problem. But who are aware about their career and who are not aware about their career this post is basically for them. Freelancing is a great way to earn and learn with various kinds of practical projects.

Freelancing profession is fully an independent profession for them who want to work with flexibility. ‘Freelancing’ profession helps you in various ways such as-

Own Time Scheduling;

Practice Global Professionalism;
Global network;
Easily Get Paid;
No Huge Investment;
Home is Office;
Anytime can do work and get paid;
No Boss and No Pressure;
Multiple Task done easily;
Build a strong professional community;
Gather experience from various kinds of projects;
Get Inspired &
Be recognized.

So, freelancing professional is now being a good job or good profession for many people. Now you can start freelancing from Bangladesh. There are many companies are making the community or network for Freelancer and Buyer. The concept of online freelancing is getting very popular in Bangladesh now. There are many factors working behind this rising popularity, but the most important of them are two, the success stories of the freelancers from Bangladesh and the rumors which are prevailing about freelancing in Bangladesh.

There are many successful freelancers in Bangladesh who are doing an excellent job by their quality of work. This is inspirational to many people, but even then, there are some obstacles which should be dealt with to open this road for more able and skilled people of this country. There are many positive sides of freelancing in Bangladesh. In comparison to the living standard and average salaries in Bangladesh, the money earned by freelancing is impressive. Therefore, the freelancers from countries like Bangladesh, India or SriLanka can provide service with good quality at a cheaper rate than the rate of the freelancers of other countries. If a freelancer knows his work properly, success can be guaranteed, which is not the case in all other fields of jobs. Another positive side of freelancing is the primary requirements. Only a PC with an internet connection can be the tool of everything if the users have the proper skills.

In spite of so many obstacles, the numbers of opportunities are immense. If the people with skills are shown the proper way and the people with will are trained in the right direction, the future of freelancing in Bangladesh can be very bright. The present status of this development strengthens this hope even more.

freelancingThe basic skills need to become a freelance writer: You must be able to write English with perfect grammar and sense. That means writing with no grammatical errors and in a way that people can understand what you are saying, clearly. My grammar skill is not that good, but it works. So you need similar ability or better to become a freelance writer. More simplified version can be this (or is it more complicated!), you should have full confidence to express anything you want to express, in English, without any grammatical mistakes. If you are not that sure, you can always take some English courses to boost your English writing abilities. Now, there are some other types of jobs/projects available for freelancing. For jobs related to website development, 3D design, data entry or Photoshop, you don’t need that much writing skills but still you will have to communicate with the buyer (the person that gives you the job/project) in English, so some English writing skill is necessary. So, how do you write about things that you have never heard of? I mean, most of the time you will get a topic to write about, of which you have no idea. Don’t worry, I will explain that later and you will see if you have confidence in your writing ability, this freelance writing career will become real enjoying for you. In this stage go to those online freelancing websites and find out what clients are demanding and how they want their job implemented.

Now I will take the example of Article writing:
– Try to read their requirements and conditions. How they want their articles completed.
– Most of the clients will give huge emphasize on their authenticity of writing. Whatever you wanted to write just make sure that you writings are original.
– The quality of the article should be higher and better. Better not give much emphasize on those contracts where they are demanding native English writers. Because we are totally unable give them the same result as natives can do.
– Try taking things normally and finding out where your lacking are hiding. In this writing world competition is not so high and you need to know what you don’t know.
You need to know what you don’t know about your expertise of interest.
– Try find out and make research how you can make you learned knowledge much more perfect and be creative in all terms of thinking and learning.
– Make you thinking level diversified and multiplied and try to discuss with experts that how you can make this thing much easier and much more attractive. Making discussion with others make things simples and easier to remember.

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