How to Make Money in Computer Repair Business

Computer repair business can easily be considered one of the fastest growing home businesses in the world. A computer repair business is not one that requires a large investment. You are marketing a service and main investment should be on acquiring your knowledge.

Do you like to work on computers, like to solve computer problems? Would like to know how to make money doing computer repair full or part-time?

If you are a skilled computer user with a strong background in troubleshooting, you may want to turn your love of technology into a thriving business. There are thousands of computers in your city, and every single one of them will need repair from time to time. Some people can repair their own computers and some are not. Your talent for fixing computers will not make your business successful. Finding customers non fixing PC is the real challenge for you.

There are many computer hardware and software issues and the most common issues in any computer problems includes software bugs, drivers incompatibilities, operating system upgrades, malware problems, network connectivity problems, Virus, failed hardware components, worms, spam, spyware issues and complete computer overhauls. You can offer upgrades to anti-virus, operating system or firewall software as an affiliate marketer. You may even become an affiliate and purchase or recommend that they purchase their software from your store or affiliate link. This business is mainly centered on selling and buying used and new parts and products, with service as your sideline. It is easy to make money by rendering service to clean up computer viruses or by changing the broken parts. The advantage of computer repair business is that the customer pays you immediately. Your money is not blocked. Also, the repair rates are reasonable. You can easily charge $10 an hour plus.

Doing freelance computer repair work can be very profitable on both a part or full-time basis. You’re selling knowledge and time for the most part. For repairing or fixing the software problem you will always need a software repairer but for the big problem like mother board problem or any other type of hard issue you will need the services of hardware repairer.

If you want to learn how to make money doing computer and software repair, the best way to learn is from someone who is actually doing it right now. The bigger issue is service capability. Can you, in fact, handle most repair problems that people would come to you.

Important Note:

  • You need to know the latest versions of hardware and software available.
  • You will need computer diagnostic kit that help you to diagnose problems.
  • Computer Repair Kit tools you will need.
  • The world of technology changes rapidly, so it is critical for you to keep your skills up to date.
  • If you are going to work on business machines, focus on a fast turn around time.
  •  Always have external HD with you, when going to customer.
  • You should be careful with residential computers as well but be extra careful with business machines because they can be mission critical to their business.

Special Tips:
When you deliver PC, adding a little extra like surveys after a call can help to build those relationships between you and your clients. A successful computer repair business is built on strong client relationships. Remember, Previous clients make up about 50% of your total work every month.

Finally, Computers have become a way of life. The computer repair business can be started with little to no money and can turn a profit almost instantly. If you have a good understanding of computers and software, computer repair business may be perfect for you.

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