How to make money from ScriptLance?

There are many innovative and convenient online communities that facilitate the interaction between workers and employers. Scriptlance is one such site that allows employers to post jobs for free and have workers place an offer for how much they would perform the task for.

ScriptLance was founded in 2001, and is based in Toronto, Canada. It’s the world’s most affordable and easy to use outsourcing service you are your businesses and receive free quotes from freelancers within minutes. It’s one of the best freelance sites and you will be earning a good money through them.

Scriptlance has a huge professionals and qualified freelancers. You can post a project and get freelancers to bid on it. It is also a site for freelancers who are looking for work. They provides a low cost platform to Outsource projects to freelance.

Why ScriptLance?
Scriptlance is 100% free to sign up. There are more than one hundred new projects every day. After free sign-up,  browse or search from hundreds of projects. ScriptLance can email you new projects that match your skill set as soon as they become available. Now you can bid for projects/works and make money by sitting in home. You only have to pay if you win a project.

This site has great functionality and plenty of projects to bid on. The community, in general, is a good one and you can usually get through multiple projects without a problem.

ScriptLance Fee:
Buyers can post projects and receive bids/quotes for free. Programmers are charged a $5 or 5% fee when their bid is selected as the winner for a project and once the buyer selects a winning bid on the project their account will be charged a flat fee of $5.

They have several kinds of online jobs for you like E-Commerce, Article writing and editing, SEO, Blog or website develop, programming, data Entry, design, Social Networking etc. So if you have any special skills, Scriptlance is the place for you. Put your creative efforts and make money.

ScriptLance Affiliate Program:
ScriptLance has an excellent affiliate program that I am sure you’ll find interesting. They pays affiliates half the fees they charge users to participate in projects. If you refer a buyer you can earn 40% and If you refer a programmer you also earn money. For example if you refer a visitor who posts $1000 project you will earn $22.

Scriptlance payment:
Getting paid at ScriptLance is very easy. They offers a number of options such as Bank wire,MasterCard Debit Card, paypal, MoneyBookers, FedEx Check, E-gold and escrow for the payments, through this you can make your payments more secure.

ScriptLance Support:
Scriptlance’s support is so slow but there’s several ways to get answers. The ScriptLance Forum is a great place to get answers from other ScriptLance buyers and programmers.

In closing, ScriptLance is a popular  and easy to use freelance marketplace that uses a reverse auction system to help buyers find programmers and designers to outsource their projects. It can be a great site to use for freelancers and employers if both parties are honest and adhere to the rules and carry out their end of the contract. So why you are waiting for? If you are a skilled worker you can free join now.

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  • jeff

    I have not used scriptlancer in the past. Freelancer has now bought the company. How did they buy it? Well if you know anything about you will know that they are one of the most dishonest internet companies around. They will nickel and dime you, hold your payments, cancel your account (providing there is lots of money in it). They are complete scammers with no concern for employees or freelancers. I can tell you from my own experience, I had to write letters to interepol and post reports on various forums in order to get finances they had owed me, I had to make threats and argue with them over and over. If you want to know more Freelancer who just bought Scriptlancer visit this site, – hundreds of people have been scammed by Freelancer, so this shows you the future of what users of Scriptlancer will experience. Don’t use scriptlancer unless you want to lose money. If you want to be scammed and support and dishonest company then by all means use scriptlancer and freelancer. 2012

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