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Freelance writing is one of the best ways to make quick money online at home. I know a lot of people making thousands of dollars through freelance writing every month.

The real problem is that a lot of writers have absolutely no idea how to market themselves and wait until they have no work to start looking for new work.

In this article, you’ll get the basics on what it takes to ease your way into freelance writing as a hobby or career. Here’s some advice about succeeding as a professional writer:

  • Make a note of any writing ideas you have, no matter how big or small. Make sure you’ve got something to write or record with at all times. Get into the habit of being open to receiving ideas and when they come, record them as soon as you can.
  • Identify who your target audience is. The more focused you can be in defining your audience, the better your chance of reaching that audience.
  • If you’re planning on making a career from writing freelance, you’ll need to have a good sense of responsibility toward your clients and yourself.
  • Be honest with yourself about the quality of your writing skills and educate yourself about negotiation, article marketing and general communication skills with others.
  • Developed a successful track record and look for opportunities to speak about your work before community groups, workshops, teach classes and then write about yourself. These activities will look good on your resume so consider presenting yourself as an authority on freelance writing.
  • Spend some time every single day looking for new work.
  • Start by accepting smaller projects. Once you have demonstrated your ability to accomplish smaller project, you will have access to bigger projects that meet your caliber as a writer.
  • Make sure to choose a good topic that you’re an expert on or you feel interested in
  • freelance-writerBuilding a strong social network online will not only help you get your work and name out there, but perhaps more importantly will introduce you to people and publications you may never otherwise have encountered.
  • If you write slowly, you make far less money per hour, you can’t do as many projects. When you write faster, you get more work completed in a given amount of time.
  • Don’t waste your time “chatting” with writer wannabes online. Spend your time studying the field, writing, sending query letters and marketing your work. If you don’t already have writing qualifications, consider doing a college degree in journalism or English, so that you’re at least aware of the major requirements in writing.
  • If you have written a book then you have a niche. If not, then develop one.
  • Never stop learning. Every writer has a different story about how they got started – and each story will inspire you in a different way. I set aside time every month to find a new site to subscribe to.

Social media is great for freelancers. Profiles on sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are great for driving traffic to your site and for attracting potential clients.

Hopefully these tips will help inspire, challenge and improve your writing. There are also lot of other things you can do to be successful, Have you got any writing tips or thoughts on the above ideas? Please share in the comments section below.

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