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There has been an era at the beginning of Bangladesh’s existence when the job mar­ket for fresh graduates was extremely lim­ited. The defence senior was a call of rescue, pro­viding stability and  guaranteed  escalation  in career opportunities in that period.

Fortunately, times have changed. Bangladesh has risen as a nation, has seen tremendous growth in its service sector which in turn translates into jobs for the new generation of highly globalised graduates. Now we can afford to dream big; we dream of not only working in a multinational but creating one of our own.

But is this pool of opportunities limited to a select few? is there still scarcity of a class of workers while many others continue to struggle for a beginning? The answer is both yes and no. The job market has improved in all aspects but some areas have done more than improve, they have evolved. On the other hand the fresh-graduate labour market too has seen a drastic change; with one group evolving into international standards while another Just improving over time.

So what are the characteristics which differentiate a person from other candidates? Fresh gradu­ates who have started in their respective fields with a ‘bang’ have come up with some answers.

Of-course the type of job you are applying for has its own sets of requirements. A technical job, for instance, will place greater emphasis on your technical skills, a managerial job will look into your communications skills in more detail while a marketing job will search for creativity and inno­vation.

The challenge however lies in not only possessing the required qualities but also in demonstrating them most effectively in the most appropriate places. “Ace-ing your Job interview is just as, if not more, vital as ace-ing your exams ” Says, Mehtaj Binte Saad, a fresh entrant in HSBC’s Future leaders Development Program. “Gone are the days when your Transcript spoke for you. Although your grades do provide an initial impression. employers nowadays look for the complete package and that includes how you talk, how you dress, in short how you present yourself,” Nest, she goes on to say, your extracurricular activities are looked into to verify that you are not all book smart and not at all street smart.

When we say extra curricular, traditional think­ing relates to debating only, but the field for ECA activities have thankfully expanded exponentially. Today, those who are not the greatest of public speakers can demonstrate their team building, Leadership, creative or stress management skills in organised sports (for both boys and girls), event organising and many more activities. Today’s employers have learned to value the effort and achievement in leading or helping a football team to victory thus allowing you to play guilt free.

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