What is freelancer.com ? How to make money as a freelancer


One of the reasons why most people don’t believe in earning money online is because of scammers. It’s true that there are a lot of scam sites on the internet. But If you’re looking for a faster way to make money with freelance writing than freelancer.com is the right place for you.

What is Freelancer.com?
Freelancer.com is a complete freelancing and outsourcing platform. It’s the perfect site to find online jobs. Thousands of jobs are available on this websites related to all kind of fields like Ecommerce, Photoshop, CMS, websites development, Template design, software development, logo design, data entry, graphics, articles writing and so on. Freelancer.com has all the tools and features needed for both the freelancers and employers outsourcing their projects.

Why Freelancer.com?
The importance in Freelancer.com comes up in 2 different ways- employer and freelancer. It claims to be the largest outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace since 2004 in the world, with over 3.4 million users and presence in over 240 countries and regions. Till this date freelancer.com completed 1,183,726 projects and earned an amount of $99,841,802 and around 2,772,202 freelancers working on this site.

There’s serious money to be made for freelance writers online today. Freelance Writing is a growing industry where you can legitimately make money online. If you want to make money from freelance copy writing, you have to write persuasive, emotional driven pieces that make the reader want whatever it is you are writing about. You can work on the field that you already have experience or knowledge on.

Feedback system:
Freelancer.com has a pretty robust feedback system so you can get a feel for how active each contractor is in the community and what other employers thought of their work.

Start Earning:
Anyone joining freelancer.com will at least take one week minimum to get used to the site usage unless you are already an expert. It’s free to join Freelancer ad make your profile with good information of your skill. if you don’t have any skill of work it cannot be possible to earn money from freelancer. Once you joined, the first step will be creating a profile of yours. Your profile carries everything about your technical experience and work experience. So creating a good profile yields you more opportunities.

Affiliate program:
Freelancer.com also has an affiliate program, another way to earn money easily through their great affiliate program and the best way for this site to improve their user base and value their affiliates will be by going back to the old idea of lifetime affiliate commissions. So, referring your friends and relatives to freelancer.com.

You need it in your unique affiliate URL. After you sign up, your unique affiliate URL will be:

Payment System:
If at any time you wish to withdraw money from your Freelancer account, they are also support many payment method. You can withdrew your money using debit master card, paypal, moneybookers, wire transfer and web money.

Freelance writing isn’t just something you can jump into and start earning hard cold cash in minutes. It takes dedication, devotion, and hard work to make the money you want to make.

Finally, This website is highly recommended if you are interested in online jobs. I hope this  will be a best way to earn money on the web & good to develop for your online life. It will be the best way to make money right away from your writing. Would you like to find freelance jobs and make money online? Just sign up to get started! Your profile must be with good information of your skill. if you don’t have any skill of work it cannot be possible to earn money from freelancer.

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  • oleg

    Caution ! Freelancer.com – SCAM !

    I became the victim of swindlers from freelancer-com
    They stole my money of $220
    They should be stopped!!!

    • Shah Sultan Rony

      No, freelancer is not a scam site. Contact freelancer support center and discus about your problem.

  • Max from Freelancer.com

    Hi Shah. My name is Max and I work for Freelancer.com. I actively look for online sites that discuss Freelancer.com and I came across your post here. I’d like to thank you for writing this great review of Freelancer.com. We hope you continue to write great things about the site. Should you have any enquiries or concerns, please send an e-mail to support@freelancer.com or max@freelancer.com and we’ll address them immediately. Thank you again.

  • Max from Freelancer.com

    Hi Oleg. I saw one of your posts at another site and we’d really like to help you. Please send your username to max@freelancer.com. I’ll help you resolve the issues around your account. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

    • oleg

      Max, Don’t make laugh me,
      Freelancer.com has the worse staff and “customer support”, if it can be called a “customer support”, the staff is VERY rude, totally unprofessional, (those that are behave like robots).

      Try searching freelancer.com scam on google.

  • Max from Freelancer.com

    Hello Oleg. We appreciate the feedback. It is unfortunate that your experience with our Support Team was unsatisfactory. Be assured that our Support Teams dedicate themselves with resolving account concerns as quickly as possible. We are sincere about helping you with your account concerns. Please send your username to max@freelancer.com and I’ll assist you with resolving your account issues. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

  • Website Value Calculator

    Its good to see Freelancer support answering here. Freelancer.com has grown as a very good company, i have had several projects designed there.

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