What is oDesk ? Odesk Review

What is oDesk ?
oDesk is one of the largest freelancing marketplace on the internet where you can get a ton of freelancing jobs. Where employers and contractors “meet” for contracted work.

Why oDesk ?
On odesk, there’s a lot of opportunities; from data entry to virtual assistant. No matter what you can do, Lot of worker works on oDesk and there are huge buyer also to offer different kind of jobs. If you have skills and can work hard can build your career on oDesk. You can join for free and work/hire using this platform.

Here I will show you how the site works and how it will help you start scaling up your business.

How does it work ?
The way oDesk works is that employers will post jobs which can be paid hourly or fixed rate. That means there are two types of odesk jobs:-

Hourly job:
Hourly job means you will be paid on per hour basis. One of the unique benefits is that the payment is guaranteed and it will be added on your account automatically.

You have to download oDesk software called “team application” and install it. You can then log in using the software and log your work hours. The software will take one screenshot of your computer desktop every ten minutes and keep the record of your activity. This way your buyers can track your work progress.

Fixed price job:
Fixed price job means your buyer wants you to do this job and will pay you when you complete the task. Fixed price jobs do not bill to the client’s payment method automatically and oDesk does not provide the guarantee of payment for the fixed price jobs.

How Much Can You Earn in oDesk ?
You can earn from $1 to around $50 per hour with Odesk, based on your skill and knowledge. If you work for $10 per hour for 21 hours per week then, you will earn (10 * 21) = 210 $ per week and $900 per month.

oDesk reviewoDesk Payment:
Fixed-price jobs are paid every complete task depend on the agreement between worker and the employer while Hourly rate jobs are paid every week. Freelancers can use a range of withdrawal options available on the site. Popular withdrawals methods available at the site include Direct Deposit, Paypal, Skrill, wire transfer, Payoneer debit cards and ACH.

oDesk Fee:
oDesk takes a 11% fees for what you are paid. For example, if you are paid $100 for a task, oDesk will get $11 from contractor.

oDesk Review: Good

  • It is very easy to sign up and it is free.
  • Odesk have two types of job payment, Hourly Job payment you will be paid per hour (you can bid for hourly basis), another type is the Fixed Job Payment.
  • oDesk skill tests are actually wonderful. They allow people to give online tests and also beef up their profile by taking free online tests and exam scores are displayed on the homepage. That will advertise workers proficiency in a certain field.
  • oDesk hourly jobs are tracked through a software and it is guaranteed by oDesk. It’s certainly a positive aspect of oDesk review that no other site can beat.

It is a website for people who want to work in the internet and for those who want to outsource cheap labor. Some of the jobs that odesk employers need are:
oDesk review• Data Entry
• Web Design
• Graphic design
• Programming
• Web design
• editing
• Writing
• virtual assistant etc

oDesk Review: Bad
Fixed rate jobs are risky.
A lot of freelancers are not highly active on oDesk.
Jobs limitation: A complete profile on oDesk gives you the opportunity to apply for up to 25 jobs of your choice.
oDesk doesn’t have an escrow system, which is really bad.

In the end, without a doubt, oDesk is an amazing and full of professional site. Best of all, this site is extremely user-friendly.

I hope you liked my oDesk review and if you have something to say about the site? don’t forget to drop your comments below

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