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The Internet is a huge source of information that millions of people use every day. In the past, I’ve written about “earn money on freelance“.

Many people are looking for a way to make money today and one great option is to earn money from freelance writing.

Today, we are going to look in detail about how to make money as a writer. There are millions of websites on the Internet today, and every website fights for the top spot in search engines. In order to help get to the top of search engines, websites need new content added on a regular basis. This is why content writing is in high demand.

If you are looking for work and if you believe writing is for you, you’re probably willing to write about anything. It doesn’t matter if you are a high school or college graduate, living at home or in an office as long as you have a connection to the internet, then you can start making money by writing articles for other people online. It is easy to make money as a freelance writer.

Why Freelance Writing ?
No matter if you are working in some company as a full time employee, you still can take up writing projects up to certain limits and complete them as per scheduled time

The world wide web has many freelance writing jobs available. Some people are skeptical about freelance writing for making money. After all, many scams have been seen, making people wary. However, freelance writing jobs are legitimate and for people with writing skills, an excellent career.

There are also many advantages to being a part time or full-time freelance writer. For example:-
* You can work as a freelance writer for more than a single employer or company.
* You are your own boss.
* You control your working hours and, in a sense, the amount of money you make.
* You can receive weekly or monthly payments as per the deal that is finalized with your clients.
* This gives you a chance to take up different projects and earn more.

How Much Money Do Writers Make ?
And finally for the important question is, how much money do writers make ? On average, freelance writers can make up to two thousand dollar per month, Many writers have more than one project at a time, and this helps writers make money from different sources.

If you’re wondering how much to charge as a freelance writer, check out this list of pay rates for different types of newspaper and magazine articles. You can also write for various blogs that are always looking for talented writers.

freelance writter

There are many blogs and websites that pay good money to freelance writers for their writing assignments. Some writers earn $5 – $50/hour in freelance market. Hourly rate depend on your subject and writing style.

Make Money from your personal blog
If you are using your blog to promote yourself as a writer, and your skills, then you also need traffic to increase your chances of someone taking an interest in hiring you.

If you can write well in English and can type first, there is really no reason why you couldn’t start making a few hundred dollars a month on the side.

Finally, In order to sell your freelance writing services from your own website you need to build your brand and make your clients trust you.

So what do you think about it ? How much money do you make as a freelance writer? If you have more ideas, Comments welcome below!

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