You need to show confidence to fare well in the job market


“EGAs are also necessary because for a fresh graduate that’s the only work experience there is,”continues Mehtaj, “when your interviewer asks you to relate a challenging experience, you can’t talk about a difficult exam; you have to talk about that project which won you the competition or the challenges in attaining that gold medal in swim­ming or something of that sort. If you don’t have these stories then you fall short of hitting that high mark which others will hit.”

Although she spoke from personal experience in the business field, her advice can be projected successfully into all other fields with minor adjustments, Technical jobs, as stated before, puts greater emphasis on the courses you have passed and how successfully you have passed it. But even here, a piece of paper can only say so much. The burden of relaying the important information is still on the interviewee. If you are looking for a processor job in the back office you have to show that you are patient and dedicated and hard work­ing. Proper communication is the only way to portray that.

Interviewers looking to hire technical employ­ees know that at the undergrad level only basic technical knowledge is provided. The real techni­cal skills arise through on-the-job experience. Hence when choosing their employees, these people look for young men and women who can show a passion towards learning and challenges, towards gaining experience and towards learning from failure. Having an open-mind is perhaps the best external addition to a grand and colourful CV.

“Openness in learning is also the central deter­minant in landing a creative job” states Rowena Arefin, event manager at Asiatic Events. “Creative fields require a lot of revisions in ideas and Incorporations of others ideas thus an open mind is the basic essential.”

“Openness and adaptability are important in not only getting a job but in also staying on top of it,” says Aumio, E-Business Manager, Personal Financial Services, HSBC and Sadia Musarrat, Assistant Manager. Cards and ATM, HSBC- “Openness applies to both openness to different ideas, and openness to learning. In large multinationals, much of the work is structured and job descriptions are precise and come with detailed guidelines All they need is someone with a good basic education and one who is eager to lean and apply his/her ideas lo add value to the work. Thus to be able to adapt to and accommodate changing job responsibilities and nature of work will definitely be valued by hisIher managers.”

A ‘can-do attitude” also adds to you/value addition as an employee. On the job you have to do an assortment of activities many of which you are familiar with and still many you could never have comprehended. You need to show you can do it all and you need to show this with confidence,

Having great social skills also helps, once you are in the job, since you need to build positive relations with the other departments and your own department as wellr In today’s interdepen­dent organisational climate, a social non-entity is more valuable than a reclusive genius.

Value addition to one’s job is a new idea in the Bangladesh market but it’s fast gaining popularity, Employers are now seeking out workers who not only allow them to tick all the requirements’ boxes but also fill up the last option of ‘others’. So the next time you face the interview board, make your own checklist of things to demonstrate, Confidence, openness, adaptability and most importantly, presentation. Yes these are are all book­ish words you have heard before but applying them is a whole new task,

So what difference will you bring to the table?

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