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I have some good idea to find the latest trends of what visitors are searching for, information, help, buying etc. Good keywords are effective SEO strategy ro make a popular blog or web site. Here I want to share my 2 years of experience using Google keyword to find huge traffic keyword searched with low competition.

AdWords keyword tools helps you see which keywords are highly searched, meaning more traffic for your blog or article. Use proper keywords is vital to launching a successful campaign. Clicks can range in price from $0.5 all the way up to $50 per click. I always follow this step by step instructions to create a new content:


1, Find Topics

At first, Decide what subject you want to write about. People are going to be searching for brand names in your company which make them a great source of keywords.


2, Google AdWords

Google AdWords keyword tools will help you to understand which keywords are popular

Go to Adwords  and enter  your keyword and Click on the Get Keyword ideas Button. Find the good keyword from the keywords suggestion list .


3, Find keywords

This tools gives you a great idea of which are the most profitable keywords. Pick your niche keyword from keywords box.


4, Content Relevant Keywords

If you are trying to get high ranked in Yagoo, Google, Bing and other search engines, you must know which ones are the most relevant keywords for your niche. So start with valuable information, quality content and relevant keywords, you will get the better ranking soon.

5, Check Keyword Competition

Search your keywords, Google show the total number of search results drop from 100 – 100000000 . For example you choose  “ computer ” when you search “computer” on google, computer related website will show up your screen and follow your competition .


This technique of finding keyword competition is fully tested by me and it works great. Google Adwords keyword tool will give you how many people are looking for information, visitors geographical location and many more Google AdWords Keyword Tool is 100% Free Join Now.


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