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Keyword Strategy:

Did you know that a quarter of daily searches on Google are made up of entirely new Keywords?  Keywords are the words that search engine users will use to find websites that they are looking for. Without good keywords, search engines won’t send you quality traffic and without traffic your affiliate offers or product will never be seen.










How to find good keywords that are top search list ? 

When you know that. you have discovered the secret to online business success.  Keyword selection is so important that Keyword Research & Analysis is one of the technical Tips.


Google AdWords Keyword Tool:

Google AdWords is the best free tool, which generates variants of your suggested keywords. when you are trying to find relevant keywords from Google adwords believe me its really easy. By entering your topics into adwords, you can find out right away the search query habits of internet users.

Wordtracker Keyword Tool:

Wordtracker is one of the most essential search engine optimization tools for finding good keywords. Its used by thousands of webmasters and blog publishers to research and build a list of keyword It can be used to find all possible keywords & some basic idea about the keywords, which helps a lot in find the new related feature and best keywords to your online business. It costs 329 usd per year and alse has a free trial version that you can sign up for to get a feel tool for it.


With so much competition ( keywords ) for high search engine ranking, many people try to fool search engines. There is no another free way to get your site high ranking on the search engines. Be careful, avoid spamming, keywords will put your site in a better or more detectable position. be patient.


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