Description of Computers

We have described the four main categories of computers. You may also hear other descriptions of Computers that relate to their role or some other characteristic.

Some common example are:
1, File servers          2, Portables (or laptops)
3, Macs                      4,  Workstations

1, File servers
A file server is more powerful than the average desktop PC, although many file servers are in fact very powerful PCs. The file server provides additional services for users of networked PCs. A very large network is likely to use a mainframe’ computer as its server. Many mainframes are now often referred to as ‘enterprise servers’.

2, Portables (or laptops)
Laptop computers are popular as they are easy to transport, and therefore allow people to use their computer on the move or in a number of different locations. They also save desk space.

Laptops, also referred to as notebooks, are powered either from the mains electricity supply or through the use of a rechargeable battery. Laptops now offer full functionality – top models include all the features of desktop PCs.

Handheld computers (or palmtops) range from machines which are little more than electronic diaries, to relatively powerful processors with PC compatibility and communications features. ‘
While portable PCs are becoming extremely popular (even in die office, as they save precious space on crowded desks), they have some disadvantages, such as the following.

• Keyboard ergonomics (ie keys which are too small, or too close together for quick typing). –
• Battery power is often limited.

3, Macs (Apple Macintosh computers)
computer descriptionComputers made by Apple Macintosh are often referred to as Macs. Introduced in 1984, the Macintosh or Mac is essentially a PC, although people generally don’t include Macs when using the term PC-In the past, the Mac distinguished itself from other PCs by providing a user-friendly interface that utilized windows, icons, and a mouse.

The Windows interface, used on other PCs, copied many features from the Mac. There are now many different Macintosh models, with varying degrees of power.

4, Workstations !
The term workstation is sometimes used to describe a high performance personal computer used for a specialized purpose. However, the term is also now also often used to describe a person’s desk, chair and computer-their immediate working environment.

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