What is Avangate ? How to Earn Money Online With Avangate

Avangate provides Professional eCommerce services for Leading Software Companies,  ranging from security and multimedia to business and education, assisting them to successfully sell software online.

Avangate offers a great product that is ahead of its competition and there a lot of smart, talented people working here. Avangate offers good opportunities to grow and advance professionally.

Avangate affiliate system

Avangate affiliate system works very simple. First you sign-up to become an Avangate affiliate and display their products on your blog or website and get paid up to 75%! for sales generated from your site, whether these happen immediately or as far as 120 days later. To become an Avangate affiliate and start selling Streamingstar products sign-up here.

Discount Coupons:
You can generate discount coupons here if you have an active relationship with a software vendor that enabled this feature for its affiliates. The discount will be taken out of your affiliate commission (e.g. if you earn 45% commission for a product and you generate a discount coupon for 15%, when it is used, you will get 45% – 15% = 30% commission).

Start selling now!
Remember, the more referral links you create, the more chances you have to make money. Use every available avangate channel of promotion you have:-  newsletter, website, search etc.

Avangate payment:
Avangate provided a 100 EUR or 100 USD limit. You will be paid out when your unpaid earnings reach the payments. Otherwise the amount is reported to the next month.

They support lot of different paiment methods like Check, Wire Transfer and paypal. You can choose to be paid via the Avangate Prepaid MasterCard powered by Payoneer, where your commission funds are automatically deposited onto a debit card and ready to use anytime.

Avangate is a complete ecommerce platform for software authors and publishers.

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