How To Make Money With Aweber? Part-2

Please read how to make money with aweberpart-1 click here.

When you’re finished with this you have created your first message. This will be the first message your subscribers will be sent from you. This will automatically ne sent to all of your subscribers.

Now you are almost done and all you need to do is to get your aweber signup code. Your aweber signup code is a small code that you will inter into your website. When you place your code it will active your mailing list.

This means that everyone who signup for a mailing list on your website will be signing up for the mailing list you just created, instead of the default mailing list.

To get your signup code do the following:

1, Click on the tab near the top of the page titled “List Settings”.

2, Below the tab buttons you will see a button titled “Web form”. Click on this button.

3, Click on the green button titled “Create Web Form”.

4, Now enter a form name, this can be anything. Then for type select “”inline”. For thank you page select “Open in new window”. Then click on the “Next” button.

5, On the page you will see a white section titled “Preview”. This is what your newsletter signup will look like on your website ( except it won’t be this big ). If you click on the text or button in this section, it will allow you to edit it. For example if I wanted to change the signup to say “Signup for My Mailing List” ( by the way, don’t title your signup this, make it more professional ) I would click on the text in the preview area titled “[if you want to headline, click here]” and I would enter the text I wanted there. And if I wanted the “Submit” button to say “Signup”, I would just click on the submit button in the preview area and change the text to “Signup”. When you are done, click on the “Save” button.

6, Now your web form will have been saved. To get your signup code click on the text titled “Get HTML”.

7, A box will popup and you should copy and paste ( or type in the code ) into notepad or Microsoft word on your computer. The code you copy is something looks like:

< script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

8, Once you have your code, login to your website’s control panel and click on the “Marketing” button and select “Mailing List”.

9, In the box titled “Signup code” enter the code you just copied from aweber.

10, Click on the “Save Changes” button to save the code and have your mailing list implemented into your website.

Now your list is setup and complete. Whenever someone signup for your newsletter they will receive your messages. Just to make sure every things set up okay. I would have a friend enter their mailing address into the newsletter.

Once your get an okay sized mailing list ( an okay sized is completely up to you ) you should send out a broadcast message. Basically a broadcast message is a newsletter that is sent out just once. To get the best results your broadcast message should only recommend one product to try. Signup for a new aweber account here.

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