How To Make Money With Your Site

As you may already know, there are four easy ways you can make money with your web site.

The first way is that you get paid each time someone purchases one of the products from your review site ( Click bank )

The second way is you get paid each time someone clicks on the small text advertisements at the bottom of your review site ( Google Adsens ).

The third way is you make money by having people sign up for a newsletter and the newsletter recommends products gor them to buy ( Aweber ). And the fourth way is you make money by giving away free review sites to your visitors.

Here’s brief explanation of the four ways you can make money

Clickbank will be who you will receive payment from each time one of your reviews makes a sale. I have a section of this guide completely dedicated to clickbank and how to use it, so this is just a brief paragraph about clickbank.

Google Adsense:
Google Adsense is a program from google where they pay you to display some of their small text advertisements you will get paid money ( usually a couple of cents ).

Aweber is an online newsletter service that allows you to create, manage and send send out newsletter to people who have singed up for your newsletter. Basically a newsletter is a brief email containing news, updates, and in your case recommended products. It may not sound that a newsletter is all that profitable at first, but if you just have 1,000 subscribers and you recommend a new product to that costs $20 there’s a good change that 100 of them will buy it that means you earn easily $2000.

Giving Away review sites:
I mentioned this earlier, but your review site will have a small banner on it that gives away free review sites. Each time someone clicks on that banner and gets a free review site, you will get paid!

Signing Up with ClickBank
As I mentioned above, ClickBank is who will pay you each time you make a sale. They are also how you will know when you’ve made a sale. ClickBank is completely free to join and they will mail you a check twice a month to pay you for the sales you have made. If you are unfamiliar with ClickBank and haven’t yet create an account with them you should check them out by going to

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