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All the online banks does not support all country for sending and receiving money. Paypal is the most widely used payment system on the Internet world. Unfortunately Paypal does not supportBangladesh. So, it’s very important for Bangladeshi online money earner to know the alternative process of receiving money.



The more people you bring to AlertPay, the more they will reward you. Helping you earn more money. Earn money with AlertPay! Each time you refer someone to join AlertPay,


Alertpay Referral:

You can earn money by refering your friends, family members or others about AlertPay and to signup in Alert Pay. You could earn up to $10 USD for every referral. Please remember, referrals must open an Personal Pro or Business account and must transact (sending or receiving ) $250. After your 10th referral, alertpay will pay you $10 USD a referral.


Alertpay Banner:

Use any of the banners by copying the link code from your alertpay account, where you want it displayed. Your referral link is included in the link code so that any new alertpay users that are a result of your banner will be added to your referrals network.


Alertpay Personal Account:

Sending and Receiving is FREE, Monthly receiving limit is $400


Alertpay Personal Pro:

Yes it’s free to upgrade from a personal starter account. Low receiving fee of 2.5% + $0.25 per transaction,  No sending and receiving limits.


Alertpay Business Account:

Alertpay have some extra business tools included. Recently I got five usd from AlertPay as one of my referral sent ot received more than $250.

Alertpay is a good payment processor don’t delay , Free Account Signup Today.





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