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Financial planner advisors and insuranceInvestors Group Inc., founded in 1940, is Canada’s largest distributor of investment funds as well as a major provider of investment certificates, term life and disability insurance, annuities, and pension plans for corporations and individuals. Total assets under management at mid-year 1988 exceeded $9 billion.

Headquartered in Winnipeg since its inception, Investors Group operates as an integrated financial organization on a coast-to-coast basis. It otters a comprehensive range of services and products through a direct sales force of more than 1,800 professional financial planners. These representatives, nearly 90% of whom are dual licensed to sell both securities and insurance policies, are based in 74 Financial Planning Centers, and supported by an administrative staff totaling just over 1,000 men and women.

Investors Group, which has corporate assets of nearly $1.5 billion and 726,000 client accounts, accepts as a central premise of social and economic life that it is desirable for individuals to achieve financial security. Guided by this fundamental principle, the company provides its clients across Canada with personalized financial services.

Clients of Investors Group Inc. wanted financial advice that they could trust to he delivered by a professional. Encouraged by the wide success of the financial planning concept among companies in the United States, Investors adopted a parallel strategy in the early 1970s in Canada. Two years ago, in a continuing effort to upgrade this service, the company mailed 1 (),()()() questionnaires to clients, chosen by random count. Respondents, whose annual incomes ranged from $1,200 to $350,000, were asked to specify what was on their financial advisors wish lists.

Professionalism, both from the firm and from the individual salesperson, ranked at the top. ‘They wanted someone who could talk to them about a whole array of financial services and concerns,” explains Wayne Walker, senior vice president of Marketing, “They used the expression, a professional.”

Mow do Investors’ survey respondents recognize a professional when they see one.’ Quite simply, they say. It has to do with good management. For a line, that means getting the paperwork through on time and in a language that resembles English. For the individual representative, it relates to organization. A messy briefcase signals a disorganized, and hence unprofessional, person. “They reacted far more to an impression of sound management than to a rate of return,” acknowledges Walker.

Investors has listened carefully to what their customers have told them, continuing Ustress the highest level of professionalism and client service through an intensive training and educational program for their 1,800 sales representatives.

Products can effectively be tied to advice, as demonstrated by 1 Royal Trust co Limited’s “Advantage Fund” campaign, launched early in I9K7. Tin: company designed its Advantage Funds — three funds composed of shares in other Canadian funds – in response to information on the changing investment needs of the company’s target market. Canadian households earning an annual income of $40,000plus.

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