Ways for Kids to Make Money Online at Home

Working will allow kids to gain experience working with different people and money management. If your child expresses interest in getting a job, sit down together and write a short list of your child’s abilities, likes, dislikes and skills. This brainstorming exercise is great for kids and adults alike, and encourages your child to think creatively.

There are many ways kids can make money. Many young kids want to start making some money and often their parents want them to do so as well.

Animal Caretaker/Dog walking Jobs:
Offer to walk your neighbors dogs for a buck a trip. a good pet sitter usually makes about $5 per day. Not a steady income source but can be good money.

Parents Helper/ Working as a Mother’s Helper:
Working as a mother’s helper can be enjoyable for you and your family.

Garden Helper:
In the spring, offer to help your neighbors who plant gardens by raking, pulling weeds, watering, working the soil, mulching and planting etc.

Trimming, cutting grass, planting flowers, weeding and other landscaping jobs

Paper Route:
Most newspapers need to be delivered before the household heads off to work or school. So this is often a great starter job for young children. The perfect job for early risers is delivering the morning paper.

Babysitting Jobs:
Baby sitting is a very popular job for kids. Kids can earn money by babysitting younger children for neighbors and friends.

Outdoor Maintenance:
Teens and pre-teens can earn money from maintenance. The most lucrative area for kids to make money is Outdoor Maintenance. This can range from cutting grass to weeding gardens to washing cars to shoveling snow.

Car Washing:
Most people would love it if you would ask to wash their car. Do a great job and they will want you to do it again and tell their friends. Another alternative ways window washer, lemonade salesman etc.

We strongly encourage our kids to save at least 10% of their allowance and to share 10% of their allowance with a charity. So, not only are your kids earning money, they are learning how to manage it as well. And that’s one to grow on.

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