Ways To Earn Money As A Web Developer

Having skills in Web Development surely will open you a wide opportunity in earning thousands of dollars. But not all people get success in the money making process. It takes time, smart work, patience and hard work to build online business.

Are you a professional web developer?

If you have skills to create web sites, make scripts, web design or templates and once you already had a good portfolio website and some satisfied clients for a good testimonial you might want to join top freelancing websites, There are many top level freelancing companies employer that offer such work.

I personally have been a huge fan of Elance and oDesk because when you look at the web design section of the site you can see there are hundreds of jobs posted daily.

Being a website designer doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to earn money just via web design. There are plenty of ways, web designer can make money these days. Below I will cover most of possible ways to make money online from web development-

  • Working with clients is one of the hardest parts of the job.
  • Web Designers can get in contact with offline businesses, and offer them a fee to bring their business online.
  • Design your personal website and earn money from Google Adsense, Affiliate progtams, Advertisements and Sell products online.
  • Sell your web design knowledge and/or experience.
  • Earn money from freelance web designer. A lot of people use this method to make money online. Web development work projects can be found on freelance websites.
  • Get paid to solve others website database, mysql, php and html problems.
  • If you can write programmes in PHP, Javascript, Ruby or other languages, you can find plenty of work on freelancing websites.
  • As a website or blog designer, you can create themes and template for popular content management systems for example WordPress, Drupal etc and sell them. The popular theme market places I have listed below where you can sell your templates and themes.
  • * Wpthemarket.com, * ThemeForest.net  *Templamatic.com etc

A portfolio is an important part of web development. You will find that many of your prospective clients will want to see your portfolio,

If you are a Web designer, you can make money from web pages you build and its a great way for you to earn money, If you have any other ways web designers can make money, please feel free to share it with a comment. Thanks!

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