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The next service we are going to use is ArticleRanks, a blog-network that can be used for free, to a certain extent.

To get started, head over to ArticleRanks and sign up for an account. There are some premium plans for ArticleRanks, where you get unlimited article submissions for a monthly fee. However, the system can also be used for free if you earn credits.

There are two ways to earn credits: first, by adding some social bookmarking accounts and social sites and second, by accepting article from other ArticleRanks members to a site of your own, which has a PageRank greater than 0 on the homepage.

Let’s get started with the easier option. Once you’ve created your ArticleRanks account and logged in, go to “Sites” -> “Add Social Services” in the top menu bar:

On the following screen, you’ll see two types of accounts you can add:
A: Services where you sign up via OAuth. The way this works is that you are logged into your twitter/blogger/facebook/whatever account and simply click on the logo on this ArticleRanks page. You then see a prompt asking if you agree to link up your twitter/blogger/facebook/whatever to ArticleRanks and when you confirm, you’re all set.

Since there will be auto-postings made to those accounts, there’s a risk that the account will get banned. This is something you need to be aware of, so I recommend that you don’t add your own personal accounts. As for facebook: since you are only allowed to have one personal facebook accounts, I recommend that you don’t link it up to ArticleRanks (unless you don’t care about facebook and wouldn’t mind getting your account banned).

B: These are some sites where you can simply go and sign up for a new account (using LastPass to speed things up) and then add your username and password to the fields in ArticleRanks. Click “Add” to add a site.
You’ll get 5 free credits for each account you add. If you use the coupon code when signing up and add a couple of social services, you’ll have enough credits to get started and submit your first few articles.
Once you run out of credits, you can decide whether you want to sign up for a paid plan or add a PR domain to earn credits.

If you want to accept articles from ArticleRanks members to earn credits, you need to have a site with PageRank. Also: you need to assume that you’ll get some pretty low-quality submissions, so it has to be a site you don’t really care much about (read: not your personal blog!).

articleranksThe easiest way to get such a site is to buy a domain that has PageRank and add a simple WordPress site to it.
To add your site and start accepting articles, simply go to “Sites” -> “Add Site” in the top menu bar and follow the on-screen instructions:
Now for the actual article submission: to submit an article and start getting backlinks, go to “Articles” -> “Add Article”:
ArticleRanks comes with a built-in article spinning feature, but it’s not great. I recommend that you paste in a spun article directly, using this spin format: {variation 1~variation 2}
The fields on the follow field speak for themselves: you select a category, enter a spun article title, enter your complete spun article etc.
Add one or two backlinks to your article by selecting the words you want to use for the link and clicking on the hyperlink symbol in the editor:
You can either weave your keywords into the text and link them up to your target page or you can just add a few lines to the end of the article, along the lines of “Check out this awesome website: [your-keywords]”.

An interesting feature in ArticleRanks is that you can also add a YouTube video to the articles:
To do so, you just add the URL of the YouTube video you want to include. The biggest advantage to doing so is that video embeds on websites can help your video climb upwards in the internal ranking of YouTube (for when people use the YouTube search bar). It’s not mandatory, of course, but it’s a neat way to promote videos.
I highly recommend leaving the “Distribution Limit” field blank, so that there’s no upper limit to how many backlinks you can get.

Once you have all the fields filled out, click on the “Save as Draft” button, then on the “View” link in the top right corner:
Every time you click the “View” button, you’ll see a variation of your article, as it will appear on the sites it gets submitted to. Just check the previews to make sure there are no errors in the spinning. If everything looks ok, click on the “Edit” link and then on “Publish” at the bottom of the screen. You’ll have to confirm that you want to spend your credits for submitting the article and that’s it. The article will now be posted on a few dozen websites (typically) in the course of the next one or two weeks.

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