Google Launches Music Service


Without a music service, Android devices such as tablets and smartphones may not seem as attractive to consumers looking for a product that offers a seamless media experience.

So, Google officially opened the doors to its online music store with more 13 million songs. There are hundreds of free songs and millions more to buy on Android Market and prices range from $1.29 per song to $10.99 for a full album. Google said it will offer one free song for consumers to download everyday. The store requires Android 2.2 or higher.

Google Music piggybacks on top Google plus, allowing fans to share music with your friends, although your contacts can only listen to a track you recommend once. Google Music includes a feature called artist hub that makes it possible for musicians to upload their own music and sell them at a price point of their choosing.

New announcements:
Among the announcements at Google’s I/O conference yesterday ( May 15 2013 ) , were details about its new streaming music service, Google Play Music All Access. For a subscription fee $7.99 per  month, users can search and listen to unlimited streaming music

The platform works on tablets, phones and Web browsers. Google will offer a one-month free trial, and users who start that free trial before the end of June get a $2 discount on the subscription price.

Its web and mobile interfaces feature millions of songs you can play instantly, recommendations, charts and playlists, and instant radio stations.

In addition, each song can with one click be turned into a radio station with “a neverending list of tracks.”

Users can also upload their music collection of up to 20,000 songs into their personal cloud, so that they can stream their music from any Android device.


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