Google Officially Launches Its New Gmail Interface


When building Gmail’s new look, their goal was to make the most engaging, accessible, and most of all, easy to use email experience possible. On June, Google gave Gmail users a preview of the new Gmail user interface. So I am excited to finally share Gmail’s new look with you.

If you have received the update from gmail, when you login to your Gmail account you will see a link in the bottom right hand side of Gmail, just click “Switch to the new look”. I think it pretty much says everything. I clicked ‘continue to the new look’ and was a bit surprised:

The new themes basically present a more spacious view of the Gmail inbox. With the new Gmail they are introducing a streamlined conversation, elastic density and smarter navigation. While smarter navigation imparts a whole new navigation experience, the elastic density feature automatically changes the space between various Gmail elements to make it more elegant.


There are many other changes with Gmail interface:

  • Introducing the Gmail app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • Improving themes in Gmail’s new look
  • Suggested times in Google Calendar
  • display density options like in Google Docs,
  • an action bar that uses icons instead of text labels,
  • profile pictures next to contacts,
  • Changing information density in Gmail’s new look
  • realizable chat/labels sections,
  • Easy way to connect with Gmail and friends
  • Better email search
  • a flexible layout that adapts to any window size,
  • New smarter navigation
  • new high-definition themes and an updated search box that includes advanced options.
  • a completely new interface for conversations,

Don’t worry if you doesn’t see the new interface yet. Next couple of days Gmail will probably be available soon for all gmail users. For more information visit Gmail official blog

What other features or options would you like to see added to it? How do you like it? Anyone else tried the new Gmail interface? What are the things you like/dislike about it?  Please share your thoughts.

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