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Think of a press release as a content source for news outlets. Issuing a press release is a business’ way of saying “hey, we’ve got something newsworthy to report” and news-outlets can then decide whether they want to publish that story or not.

Press releases can be huge sources of backlinks, publicity and traffic, but they aren’t a great match for every type of business. The crux is that they need to be about something news-worthy and for many affiliate/AdSense niche-site type business models, there’s rarely anything news-worthy to report.

However, no matter what your business model is, you should at the very least publish one press release about the launch of your site (an anniversary is also a good occasion).

Press releases are generally around 400 words long and they are all written in a very particular style. For the full scoop on how to write a press release, I recommend this article. What I recommend even more is that you have someone else write the press release for you. At least, that’s what my lazy self likes to do. You can get a press release for a very good price.

Once you have your press release text, it’s time to distribute it. The best premium place to distribute a press release is They can get you great coverage, but they’re also pretty expensive and only worth submitting to if you really have something newsworthy to report.

So, what I recommend you start out with instead, are some of the most popular free press release sites. Those are:

  • press release servicesPRlog
  • OnlinePRNews
  • OpenPR
  • PressReleasePoint
  • ClickPress

The most important of those is PRlog, in my estimation. Create accounts for these PR sites and submit your press release. You will get a backlink from the PR sites themselves, but you are also likely to get additional exposure from various sites republishing content that is published on the PR sites.

For a lower-priced alternative to PRweb, where you can get press releases written and submitted to a very large number of sites is Press Release Monkey. It still requires a considerable investment, but they aren’t quite as expensive as PRweb. And remember: you can always stick to 100% free methods and still get valuable, additional backlinks, using press releases.

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