Your Payoneer card is about to be blocked


I am using Payoneer master card from 2010. I received an email yesterday from the address “” subject “Your Payoneer card is about to be blocked”

for what reason?

Dear Customer,
Our account review team identified some unusual Information in your Payoneer account.
We have no other option but to block your Prepaid Card. (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-0000)


What does this means?
 If you not verify your account in 48 hours you could risk loosing your Payoneer Prepaid Card.
What can I do to recover my Prepaid Card?
 You have to login to our Payoneer review server and answer a random security question. We want to work with you to get your account back to normal as
 quickly as possible.
To continue and reactivate your Prepaid Card, click on the link below (or copy/paste into your web browser).
( Warning phishing link )
This precautionary step is taken as a security measure to defend you, our valued customer.


Thank you,
Payoneer Customer Support

Be very careful friends.

The domain is registered to someone using servers in Romania. They have privacy protection for the domain. doesn’t have privacy protection because they have nothing to hide.

So, Never enter your login detail to any page like that. It sounds like phishing. if already you submit your login details, best thing for you to do right now is login to your payoneer immediately, change your password and then use the contact form to ask for verification that the email message is from them and that the domain is one they use. The fact that the domain is different is also a clue.

I have just received the following email from Payoneer:

Dear Payoneer Cardholder,

A small number of Payoneer users, including you, received an email yesterday from the address “” alerting them that their account will be blocked due to fraudulent activity. This email was not sent from Payoneer and was brought to our attention almost immediately when it was sent. Within minutes of the e-mails being sent, our security service provider shut down the website that was trying to get personal information from our users.

We are currently researching to see where these email addresses were taken from. In the meantime we have investigated our own system and have confirmed that none of your personal information has been compromised on our end.

If you clicked the link in the e-mail and entered your personal information, please log in to My Account as soon as possible by going to, and change your password immediately.

If you feel that your account has been compromised, please contact us immediately by phone at 1-800-251-2521 x2 or by chat on our Contact Us page, so we can help ensure the security of your account.

For your own security, do not click on links in emails (other than the Good News email, which does not request your personal information) when logging into Payoneer. If you are, at any time, unsure as to whether or not we have emailed you, please contact our support team immediately via email, live chat, or phone.

Thank You,

Payoneer Customer Support


Every day, Thousands of major online companies around the world and their customers experienced a phishing attack from different levels. I hope you understand that,  just delete it.

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  • shofi

    how Activet my account payoneer?

  • raju ahammed

    my account is block. What i do now? please reply me.

  • Mir Reyed Ali

    I have a payoneer account but i can not log in my account. Please help me.
    My card number is 5300721101164934

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