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Bux.to offer a home based job where you have to click the provided link and view that site minimum 30 seconds.  bux.to offers 1 cent per click for their workers.

Dear Friends, I want to start by saying don’t join www.Bux.to ( Internet Fraud) if you don’t want to lose your valuable time and money.

 Why Bux.to Scam ?

I join this site may june 2010 and I have been waiting over Ten Months for a payment from bux.to.But they are not paying. 3 months later, I decided to ask questions in their forum about this problem.Well they do not like it & remove my post from there forum and block my account.

bux.to offers 1 cent per click for their workers and 1 cent for referral workers that means 2 cent per click. But Bux.to charges only $19.10 dollar per thousand member visits. This means an advertiser only pays $0.019 for each ad click!!!

If you search google or another search engines for Bux.to review or  Bux.to scam, you will come across many articles against Bux.to and many people who are not paid.

If you buy referrals from bux.to, they will send you inactive referrals. That means you will not get any profit from bought referrals.

Bux.to is showing their own ads. 99% of bux.to ads are self advertised.


Bux.to support Report:

The bad thing is I can not even really contact anyone their or get any real support, because it is a moderated to avoid answering questions, and they just easily ban you from their forum if you complain. The ONLY thing that they allow anyone to see is what they want you to see and remove anything bad that is said.

View this video for more information

There is no reason to believe their program.  More Complaint review About this site:

If anyone has been scammed by this site,you are welcome to post my comments section or here

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  • ahmad nawaz

    hourly earn,opulentia,fxcommercial not paying frods & scammes please not waste money for these sites

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