Easy Way To Increase CTR On Infolinks


Infolinks publishers, Do you want to earn a handsome amount on your blog or website.

If you want, maybe the following tips useful for you to increase your Infolinks money & get more revenue from your account.

1, Change the ad color and equated with the color the link in your blog that may attract more visitors

2, Set 6 or more links per page this may depend on your article quality.This tips will increase your CTR.

3, Infolinks related tag  increase your income. So click “how to increase earnings by 30%” link on your account & past the code on the top position of your blog site.

4, Follow Infolinks High Paying Keyword List by clicking here

Please follow this screenshot its really important

And finally waiting for your next income & comments on this post. if you have more experience, please share


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  • Nanda Rahmanius

    Nice post, thanks for sharing. Actually, I’m just a beginner on infolinks
    I’ll try this tips and I hope this tips really increase my earning
    Thanks mate

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