Infolinks vs Kontera Review Which is the best revenue sharing site


When i was looking for a alternative, i came to know about Kontera and newly born Infolinks text links program from my online friend “Google”.

Now the question is, “which in text advertising company is best?

The best in-text systems are Kontera and Infolinks while another well-known system is Clicksor. Now we are talking about Kontera and Infolinks.


Without waiting i just signed up for new text links advertising ( Kontera & Infolinks ) program. But i was simply stunned by the earnings i made with them. It was almost 200% to 300% more money than i made from Kontera.


Here is my review on both of these advertising programs .


Infolinks Positives:

+ Infolinks share 70% revenue for bloggers.

+ I have seen far better CTR for Infolinks then in kontera.

+ Infolinks supporting Payoneer prepaid debit card.

+ increase in earnings after installing Related Tags.

+ Related Tags works really well.

+50$ payment

Infolinks Negatives:

– If you compare Infolinks with Adsense then Infolinks has a very low per click earnings.

– I see some infolinks ads which are not close to keywords.

Check-out Infolinks here:


Kontera Positives:

+ Good looking ads.

+ Customizable ads.

+ 50$ payment.

Kontera Negatives:

– If you compare Kontera with Infolinks then Kontera has a very low per click earnings.

– I have seen low CTR in kontera

– Kontera does not supporting Payoneer prepaid debit card

– Related Tags does not works


Check-out Kontera here:


So I will highly recommend you to go with Infolinks as it pays better than Kontera and I have self experienced it. REVENUE is the main factor that differs from infolinks and  kontera. Infolinks has a high cost per click than Kontera. If you need more information you can ask my google friend with this keyword “Infolinks vs Kontera”  Then he will show more details


  • David


    This is David from Kontera.

    I was reviewing your article, it is very well written.

    I just wanted to address some aspects of Kontera you put into here that are no longer accurate. Our payout is actually 50 dollars, not 100.

    You might want to look into the latest information on Kontera and give us another try.

    Please email me if you have any questions.



    David Stein

    Kontera Community Manager

    Monetize your site with Kontera In-Text ads

  • vic

    nice info mate. i’m searching info about infolinks and your blog is very informative

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