Is OnBux Scam? OnBux Review


OnBux offer for their members:

OnBux is popular in Bangladesh and Russia. Daily Ads: 4 – 8, Click Value: $0.01 – $0.02, Referral Click: $0.005 – $0.01, Rent Referrals: Yes, Payout time: Instant

Payment Options: LibertyReserve, AlertPay, PayPal and Neteller


Is Onbux A Scam?

Yes it may seem obvious to some of you or perhaps I just gave it away with my introduction. Onbux Finally turned out to be a scam. They stopped paying instantly mid Feb 2011 if I remember correctly. And they’re not even one year old. Beware! At this stage, don’t even think of upgrading or any kind of investing over there.


The proofs that its a scam are here:

They suspended many account. You can search Google with “Onbux Scam” keyword. You will find lots of information about OnBux.


Why Some peoples like OnBux?

Many OnBux users as wait so long for payment. Some people will get the money and some are not, because, after Feb 2011 Onbux members dont earn for click advertisement but they earn money from new member upgrade, If they have not any upgrade member at downline then their money will be pending forever.


Finally, OnBux now has some very negative feedback and this is clearly a scam listed PTC site. The onbux time period is about to get over. Do not waste your time with the site and more importantly do not invest any money. So the time has come, and now the site will be moved to the Scam List for selective payments, blocking people from receiving support, and complaints about non-payments.

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