What Are Channels? Optimizing Ads With Channels


AdSense has the potential to transform your content site into a profit-generating machine. Google AdSense publishers have dramatically improved their results by making simple changes. Adsense allows you to put each ad-code you create into different channels this allows you to monitor the performance of each one individually. It’s common for publishers to report significant increases in revenue from changing factors like ad formats, color palettes, and placement – increases you can track with channels.


Most of Google Adsense publishers stay confused about targeting adsense channels. Here is quick guide about targeting your custom adsense channel.


It is used to monitor the performance of an ad unit, or the set of ads units under a particular URL. You can use URL channel tracking to organize by subdomain or subdirectory too. So if the your site is organized by URL structure, then this is a simple way to do it. You have the possibility of creating up to hundred active ad channels and the same for the search channels, separately. You can check the performance of your ads/search boxes by accessing the Reports section in your AdSense account.


How to create a adsense channels:

Go to Adsense Setup section and click Channels and choose edit/settings for the perticular channel,

Data is available in the aggregate or per channels. Aggregate data can be seen per page or per ad unit. If you want to make money online by blogging, you need to monitor your sites progress, Creating a customized channel is very important to your success., AdSense channels will allow you to do just that.


The most profitable online publishers are constantly looking for new ways to maximize the amount of revenue they receive from AdSense ads. If you want to know more, I recommend reading this

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