What Is Chitika? Publisher Review


What Is Chitika ?

Chitika is a company that allows you to monetize your site. Their program pays you every time these ads are clicked by your visitors, giving you 60% of the revenue generated from their advertisers. They offers 4 easy to implement and customizable opportunities to make money as a web publisher.

How Chitika Works ?

Chitika’s publisher interface is simple and performs very good for all websites. They allows you to track your impressions, CTR, clicks, and revenue. For detailed tracking, you can name and set channels. Some people have reported that their CPMs for Chitika have been low. But like Google Adsense,


Is Chitika a Scam ?

No, Chitika is not a scam. It is a fully legitimated advertisement platform for both advertisers and ad publishers. If you are a blogger who wants to earn some small money for domain and hosting, you should check out Chitika.


The eMiniMalls Ad:

Chitika eMiniMalls is described a million different ways on the Chitika web site and by enthusiastic webmasters and promises to “outshine static banner ads” and give webmasters the power to “generate revenue beyond banner advertising. Chitika eMiniMalls ads can be displayed on the same page with Google AdSense ads if the contextual function is turned off with a line of code (ch_non_contextual = 1;). This is currently the default.


Payment options:

Chitika pays you by check or PayPal. The minimum payout amount for paypal is $20 and $50 for check.


Referral Program:

Chitika got the attentions of publishers instantly. They also offere a refferal program for their publishers for adding extra revenue to their monthly payments. program rewards you for bringing new publishers to the program. As a publishers refer new publishers to the Chitika advertising network, you will earn 10% of what the referrals earn. But the earned commissions are only valid for the 15 months of the each referral’s approval date.

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Note: The review of Chitika’s publisher program is based on my personal experience, opinions, reviews and other people’s experience as Chitikas’s publishers. The overall response for Chitika’s service has been positive. Sign up now and see how it works for you!

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