What is dolancer ?

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What is dolancer?

Dolancer is the name of another brand new scam freelancing micro job site. Most important is that this site claims that it is directed from USA but in fact It is directed from Bangladesh.

Any body can provide me helpful information about dolancer who is scam or not ?

Its is surly a big scam company that’s taking money from member. For outsourcing income many people already fallen their trap. Remember, It’s a fraud multi level marketing system.

Why dolancer scam?

  • Strange how a Bangladeshi company registers the domain name to a U.S address (to a shopping center space listed for sale online last year) but with a non U.S.phone number.
  • Watch post photo and through your minds 67484 freelance professionals, $ 731395.26 user earnings and only 4 project completed!!!!!!!!!!
  • Most popular PTC sites paid $0.001 per click only. Dolancer make money with users registration fee.
  • Dolancer has no forum which can be a sign of a scam.
  • They promise to much for such a simple job that in just unbelievable.
  • PTC advertiser just pay $5 for 1000 ads clicks.
  • When you reach the payout, neither cashout redemption appear nor payment is done.


If you are seeking to work or hire freelancers how about the better established oDesk, elance or freelaner.


To conclude, If you have minimum limit of knowledge in Internet & Website information, you can’t open a account in Dolancer. I’d say do not lose your money and waste your time.

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