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AdSense is a very user friendly ad network that is simple to set up and run for even new site owners. I hope that you’ve found this Review helpful in someway. If you plan on opening up a publisher account with Google,

Google AdSense is one of the most popular and well-known advertising networks on the internet and more than 150,000 advertisers in their network. Adsense users monetize their websites through both search feature and ad links. They will pay you for every clickthrough on your ads. Earning rate depending on your website’s content and the price-per-click of campaigns that they will serve on your site. You can rotate a maximum of four color combinations for the ad displays to match your contant or homepage colors Google AdSense website is easy to use.

I started using adsense back in 2010 as way to generate revenue from web traffic I received to 3 of my websites.


Google pays Web site owners with a monthly check that is sent directly to your specified address if your account reached 100 usd. If revenues do not reach $100, your balance is rolled over to the next month.


  • The program will most likely face strong competition from other search engines in the near future.
  • You can customize google ads that appear on their page is by applying and adjusting several filters.
  • Google allows you to place up to three instances of AdSense code on each page
  • AdSense allows you to paste a small amount of code on your web pages for displaying ads.
  • If ads are irrelevant they automatically get deleted due to a low click through rate.
  • There are over 150,000 advertisers using AdWords.
  • AdSense for your Feeds
  • AdSense for search
  • AdSense for mobile content
  • AdSense for domains
  • AdSense for video
  • This is far the most effective program for monetizing your Web site content.
  • Adsense Share  maximum revenue from advertising .


Google AdSense is for someone who wants a complete solution and I hope that you like this Review. If need some good Adsense tips, view  the official weblog of Google’s AdSense advertising service  for  Adsense bloggers tutorials.


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