Google Adsense Common Mistakes & Banned From Them


Google Adsense is one of the best methods for blog or website publishers to monetize their websites. Thousand of Adsense Publishers are getting banned from Google of course, Google would not ban your account without any reasons. There must be some reasons, mistake or due to Adsense Policy violation.

Google always terminated your adsense account. Sometimes, you may also be sabotaged. A third party may decide to do a series of illegal clicks or tell others to click on your advertisements for the purpose of getting you banned.

Common wisdom is that once you get banned from Google AdSense, it is very difficult to get reinstated. Here are some common mistakes, One should avoid these mistakes in order to protect AdSense account from getting banned by Google.


* Never click your own adsense ads.

* Do not place more than 3 ad units or 2 search engine on any web page

* Ads under drop down menus

* Placing ads under a misleading heading

* Place ads only on Content Pages

* Never change the Adsense code

* Including Google ads in emails

* Never place ads in Software,Google don’t allows it.

* Avoid excessive advertising and keyword stuffing

* Do not apply more then one account because one account suffices for multiple websites

* Ensure you Language is Supported

* Poor web content

* Fake traffic & page impression


On March 19, 2012 Google disable Zac Johnson blog, who has been an AdSense publisher since Google started.

As the terms and conditions say, once you are banned from Google Adsense you are pretty much banned for life. No second chances. Always try to write good and original content and Make sure you have read Adsense proper privacy policy page.

You can appeal to Google using this form. I hope you all like it.You are welcome to ask any questions about Adsense. Please kindly comment on this article about your review and put a link to my blog in your site as a little reward. Thanks.

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