How to Make Money From Yahoo! Contributor Network or Associated Content

Associated Content is Now the Yahoo Contributor Network. Yahoo Contributor Network is a website that came into existence after Yahoo!

Yahoo! Contributor Network is one of the few places online that will allow you to publish what you want while giving you upfront payments as well as page view or performance pay

There are several ways to make money on the Yahoo! Contributor Network. Associated Content is an open content platform which enables anyone to participate in the new content economy by publishing content on any topic and connects that content to advertisers, partners and consumers.

This article addresses the most basic way, which is payment derived from aggregated page viewing, or page views.

My personal experience with Associated Content:

I signed up their network with several years ago and wrote only some article. I didn’t like their payment system, because Associated Content using only paypal and paypal does not support in Bangladesh.

Get paid: 

Publish your work on Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Sports,   Yahoo! News, Shine, Voices, and other leading websites. Their average pay for an article is anywhere from $3 – $20 per article depending on the quality of your writing, exclusive assignments, performance bonuses based and then you earn a measly $1.50 to $2.00 per thousand page views? Currently, Yahoo provides payments only through PayPal only.

However,If you love freelance writing, then Associated Content is for you and if you would like to join and start earning money, head on over to the Yahoo Contributor’s Network, click the “join now” button, and start writing till your heart’s content.

Important Note:

  • Anyone can post content to this network. But currently, earning is limited to US citizens over 18 years of age only.
  • If you don’t have writing skills, you are not going to make much
  •  Yahoo provides payments only through PayPal only. You have 90 days from the time the payment enters your payment queue to verify your account and confirm your PayPal address.

Hopefully, now you are now ready to start making money on the Yahoo! Contributor Network. Go out there and start publishing!

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  • Jimmy Boyd

    YCN has become a joke. Even if you are not from Bangladesh (I am American), I do not recommend it anymore. Better to spend your time at HubPages or your own blog than waste time with shady Yahoo at YCN. They will arbitrarily reject your articles for the most illogical, inapplicable reasons.

    • Amde Sidik

      Yup, i quite agree. I think they don’t intend to invite writrers beyond what they already have.No way to communicate anyway.

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