InLink Review I How to Make Money From InLinks ?

There are lots of pay per click in-text advertising programs available that can help you earn some extra income from your website. Today’s post is about InLink: one of leading company in in-text advertising.

InLink online advertising network shows only In-Text ads and it is more relevant to blogs but can be very useful for websites to. You can earn money without giving space in your blog/website for ads.

InLink is a New York based company and probably the largest Content Link Marketplace around today. InLink-Ads is one of the original pioneers in the text link marketplace industry. They have been around for a long time and know how to do business.

Why InLinks ?
InLinks give you control on what links will appear in your site, which is great. They are, as many claim, tough to detect. InLinks is a very promising service that helps you get more backlinks, ads that are easy on the eyes. Sell in content ads without the annoying pop up! and make more money.

InLinks Referral Program:

Refer new advertisers to InLinks earn a flat bonus commission of $25 or refer new publishers to InLinks publishers earn a 10% commission based on the revenue earned by the referred publisher within the first two years of membership with InLinks.

InLinks Control Panel:

The InLinks control panel is broken up into three core sections – Advertisers, Bloggers  and Affiliates– and these are accessed using the large buttons near the top of the dashboard.

Advertisers Control Panel- The Advertisers section is used for buying text links,

Bloggers Advertisers Control Panel- The Bloggers section is of primary interest here for publishers. The layout and appearance of this section is somewhat similar to LinkXL, another in-text advertising network that operates in a very similar fashion to InLinks.

The left sidebar provides the core navigation, including areas to submit and edit sites associated with the InLinks account, managing the money earned and viewing the payment history, and adjusting the ad approval system.

Affiliates Control Panel- The Affiliates section is used for acquiring information about the affiliate (referral) program.

Payment Method:
InLinks offers many payment options for their publishers and advertisers. Publishers can choose to receive payment via Payoneer debit card, check in the mail or PayPal with a minimum payout of $25.

Publisher Support:
Publishers can get technical support from InLinks through a provided contact form on the InLinks website.

Join the InLinks world of opportunities today!

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