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Tendollarclick program allows you to earn money easily from the comfort of your own home. Which promise to give $10 per click and  50% of your referrals’ earnings. Once your account reaches at least 10,000 dollar you can withdraw your money. Let me come straight to the point with the Ten Dollar Click Program.


Tendollarclick Alexa traffic rank: 5,421 that means many PTC users have spent so many times and have banked $10,000 in their account but they did not get paid from them.

Today I received a mail from sara, who is also a reader of my ( earningcare.com ) blog asking a question.

Sara:  Tendollarclick ptc site pays $10 per click, is it real or scam ?

I said, if they real thay means every user earn $200 per day doing nothing. Tendollarclick  have 1,232,777 Registered members . That means they send 1,232,777 × 200= $ 246555400 per day.  Now tell me is it scam or true ?


This is a scam. That is too high to be legit. Do not join..you will 100% be scammed. Just think, why would someone pay $10 for doing nothing at all.




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