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Using the best Meta/SEO option settings:
The following are some of the most important Meta/SEO settings:

Activate Meta Management
For the best meta tags and options we need to make sure your Activate Meta Management is set to Yes. That way sh404SEF will take care of correctly using the options from setting.

Remove Joomla Generator tag
You should set this to Yes, especially if you arc concerned about security because Joomla! shows which version you arc using. If a security hole is found in a certain version, it shows that your site could be vulnerable. If you have implemented the Joomla SEF patch, you don’t need to set this options as the tag is already removed.

Use table-less output and Insert hi tags
These are also good options, but check how your template holds up. You don’t, want to mess up your site. Also if your template is already in good shape, you don’t need these options. For example, the standard Beez template was created to have all these practices built in.

Change multiple hi in h2
This option is set to Yes. It makes the most important title text on your page stand out in hi. If you have several hi tags, search engines can’t easily tell what this page is really about. An hi HTML tag should be used for the article title on the article page, and h2 tags can be used if you have a blog layout with several titles. In that case the category title should be the only title to have a hi tag. This could happen to you if you use a blog layout with several “read more” lines to go deeper in your articles.

Insert Title in read more—links
Set this to Yes, we will be looking at templates later. Not all templates give you the choice to make changes manually, so this options works fine. Even if you forget to set your own text there, the best thing is that you create an internal link to the entire article with your title and keyword(s) in it.

Insert outbound links symbol
It is fine if you want your visitors to see that a particular link will take them to another web site. For me, it is a way to improve usability and nothing more than that.

Insert before page title and Append to page title
These are good options if you want to work on branding of your web site. I don’t advise you to insert anything before the page title, because you want to keep your keywords that you are targeting for in the best place. The best place in the title is right at the start! For branding, use the last option. Appending your brand is a great way to get recognized as a brand in the search engines.

If you want to use this option, make sure you have a blank space and then whatever you want, but keep it short. In the case study site I put in “Online money making training from banglahili”. This way I can promote the training and get local traffic because of the city’s name.

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