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There’s no end to the places where you can market yourself and your company online. Here are a few places worth mentioning…

Direct E-mail

Nothing has received more bad press in recent years than spam. Spam is the name given to unsolicited,! junk e-mail that has no other purpose than to annoy, it is generally sent to large numbers of recipients whose names have been purchased by marketers. We spoke briefly about junk mail back in our chap on privacy.

However, direct, targeted e-mail is a very good way of keep in touch with customers and finding new ones. In newsletter section, we saw how we could build a newsletter to keep our customers and potential customers in the loop about what was happening over at Jo’s Coffee.

Direct e-mailing through newsletters is a more than reasonable thing to do, providing that the person you’re sending to has ; to be included, and that he or she has a way of getting off the list.

In the past few months, people have started to find that “opt-in” e-mail services are actually quite effective. What happens in these situations is people sign up to be told about products or services fora ; certain category or categories of products.

For example, Jo herself might sign up for a “small online retailer” opt-in e-mail list and then her name is rented out to anyone who wants to target small online retailers. The idea behind it is that because Jo has explicitly stated she wants to be targeted, the messages she receives won’t be perceived as spam.

One company that’s been renting out opt-in e-mail addresses for a while now is BulletMail. Another is PostMasterDirect. You find more companies like that through most of the major search engines. Most of the companies offer I service where they send out the e-mails on your behalf, so all you have to do is pay their invoice and give them the text of your message.

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