Choosing The Right Keywords | Part-1

Once you have done your research, it is time to sort all the words and phrases you selected.

You will find a truckload of data that you need to organize and arrange into some useful information. Start by categorizing the words accordingly as you know your web site topic best, and create some nice Keyword packages.

By keyword packages, I mean the list of related keywords that you build. These packages contain the keywords you selected as the main keywords and the search terms related to them.

For example, for a wordpress web site, you could have main keywords be wordpress themes, wordpress widget, wordpress plugins, and so on. Under wordpress themes you can have the search terms, free wordpress themes, magazine style wordpress themes, and wordpress SEO themes.

If you have imported the list of keywords into an Excel spreadsheet, you can sort most of the terms easily. But you need to do more with this keyword list. Yes, you have built your basic list already, if you followed the steps above and did it for several of your web site keywords.

Now you are getting into the fun part of choosing the right words to target, by using search engines such as Google, Ask, and Yahoo! Who would know better than the sites in which you want to improve your rankings?

We will start with, make sure you use the site’s USA version as some of the local ones don’t support the options we want to use. Once you have the site open, type in the keyword you want to check, in our case study example that would be Landscape Gardening. Type slowly and you will see with each character you type, the list of Search Suggestions will change and reflect terms that thinks are related. Write down the words that you want to use from your keyword list, and start sorting those terms.

On the search results page there is a column that says Related Searches also. In that column you will see some topic related terms you might want to use later. But there is a hidden treasure for you on that site as well—click on the Q&A tab which is in beta, but works fine for your purpose.

Look at the questions asked and their answers. If you have done the first section of this chapter right, you will find several of the keywords from your list in these questions. Use the answers to your benefit when you start to write your content.

Ok, we are done with, so let’s move on to Here you do the same exercise and you see the same thing happening. Don’t forget to use the up and down pointers to see more.

Go to the results page and you will see why you really want to check these engines to get more grip on the sorting of your topics.

Just look at the wealth of topics and concepts that Yahoo! offers. You can really get into sorting your keywords with this kind of help.

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