Getting The Best Keywords Placements

You have seen how Google and Yahoo! show your keywords. If you have a closer look, you will see that your keywords should be in place first. You should place them in title, meta tag description and keywords, and of course in the content of your article.

One of the best places to have your keywords in your article is the first paragraph. Make sure to use your keywords in the first 100 to 200 words of this paragraph. If you can get them into the first two or three sentences, that is even better.

Also the last paragraph should contain the keywords but your content needs to be on topic. In this paragraph your keywords should be in the last sentence.

You see how things keep coming back. It is not just the single simple placement of your keywords, but the whole package that makes it possible to outperform your competition.

So to sum it all up, your keywords need to be in:

* Article title
* HTML title
* First paragraph
* Last paragraph
* Metatag description
* Metatag keywords
* Optimizing your articles

After the first few pages of this chapter, let’s get into the real mood of things, it’s now time to work on your site. Armed with the list of places to put your keywords in, improve your pages.

I will take you through a sample article and show you how to change the most important items on every page. For this, I will show you an example of how a page changes from flat content to an optimized and scan able page.

Writing content can be a long process once you start putting the content into your site, even if you prepared your content before you logged in to your site. In the standard setup of content management software ( CMS ) you have a limited session time for working on the content and hitting the Save or Apply button. You would not be the first one to lose all your hard work because some CMS like Joomla! ended your session.

To prevent that you have to change the value of the Session Settings in the Global Configuration. Choose the System tab and on the right side of your screen you will see the Session Settings. Change the value to something that fits your writing time. I have set it to 60 minutes as I tend to write long articles.

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