How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name

A domain name is not just something that you type in on a computer keyboard it’s your brand name.

Choosing a good domain name important for your business, for the simple reason that when people think of your website they will think of it by name. If your domain name is also in your website address visitors will automatically know where to go.

Most of my search engines traffic comes from  keywords and keyword phrases  closely related to my domain name.

In this article, I want to share with you some important things about your domain selection. A good domain name needs to be something that’s –

  • Your domain name is the center of your internet identity.
  • Make sure it’s available and avoid copyright infringement.
  • A good domain name should be short and easy to understand.
  • Many people are poor spellers and typists. So, keep the name as short as possible. Everybody like short domain name because easy to spell.
  • Sometimes singular and plurals domain name are beneficial to use. For example, and etc.
  • Would you remember your choosing domain name after seeing it once. If your domain name requires un-memorable words or sounds, you have lost a good portion of your marketing value and branding.
  • Short domain name reduce the possibility of typing errors.
  • The use of keywords in the domain can help you achieve higher search engine rankings for the targeted term. This is first and main step in the search engine optimization.
  • Avoid unusual symbols ( hyphens, dashes etc ) in the domain name. But good keywords in your domain name with dashes sometimes rank a bit higher in the search engines.
  • Don’t use numbers in your domain name.
  • Always try your best to get dot com for happy ending because if someone said you to type inproblog, chances are you will type by default but you can consider dot net and dot org. If your website users are from specific region or country, then you should consider country TLDs ( .us, .ca, .bd etc)

Checking Your Domain name by Clicking Here

Finally, Choosing a good domain name is an important part of the overall online marketing process. Naming your blog correctly is vital in having a successful blog. These tips should help you choose wisely.

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