How to Show Your Website on Google

You should do a search on Google, Bing or Yahoo! and check how the keywords of your search result are displayed. This simple exercise can help to get more insight on where your keywords will show on the results pages. I searched for “Earn money online at home” in order to show you what to look for. You should do the same for your topic and the keywords of your site so that you can see how your competition is doing.

In the following screenshot you see the results of a Google search for earn money online at home. The main thing that stands out is the fact that the keywords you searched for are shown in bold. One other thing that is also obvious is that the search keywords are in the title, in the snippet, and if possible in the URL of the page as well.

Try to look at yahoo with the same keyword, Yahoo! also shows the keywords in bold, but it puts more weight on the URL than on the snippet. For Yahoo it seems that the title and the URL are the most important factors.

What we see on both the search engines is that your keywords need to be in:

  • The HTML title- the title index of the search engines
  • The snippet- most likely to be the meta tag description
  • The URL of the page

I will show you some other places that you can use to build the relevance of your keyword in the page, but those are not directly shown in the results. They play a big role in getting higher positions in the search results. Here the key to be remembered is the relevance part.

Writing with keywords in mind

Once you start writing, make sure you have the list of the keywords you want to use, next to your PC. Don’t have them on your screen- print them out or write them down. This is because you need to be able to write the content of your page without having to switch back and forth from one application to another to view the list. Get those keywords into your head and start writing your article. You will see how it will flow into your content without much effort.

Putting structure into your pages

One thing that I always struggle with is the structure of my content. By structure I mean the way in which content is placed on the page, does it have a natural flow, or is it jumping around and changing focus all the time. It is important for your visitors to have some sense regarding where the article is heading and how it can help them. I learned a nice trick that you too can use:

  • Write the most important subject of your topic first
  • Add the sub-topics below the main ones
  • Fill in the content

This way you have the main content in place and you can move the subjects around, within the topic, to give it the structure you are looking for. It is like cooking- first make sure you have all the ingredients (the subjects), do your preparations such as cutting and slicing the ingredients (writing the content), and then start cooking. At the end it all comes together in the dish you made.

After you are done with writing, check if the framework of your page is still correct. If not, copy and paste it into shape. Now here is the big difference, if you get the order of putting the ingredients wrong the dish is messed up, while writing the content you can rescue the dish by changing the order to provide a better structure.

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