How to Write a Blog Article

Start writing naturally
When you start writing your article, just do it in a natural way, write like you would normally do. Focus on what you want to tell your visitor as if you were talking to that visitor in person.

Changing the way you write is something you should not do, keep your own tone because that is what your visitors are used to.

What you can do is pick a content page from your site that doesn’t get many visitors from the search engines, but you feel is a sample of your quality of writing and should deserve more attention.

The first thing you should do is look at the title of that page and analyze the following:

• Does the title contain the right keyword?

• Is the title catchy enough for a searcher to click on?

• Is your page scan able?

• How frequently did you use your keyword? In the title you should use the keyword once or twice, not more than that.

• Does the article fit the overall topic of your site?

• Did you use the meta tag description?

• Did you fill in the meta tag keywords field?

How to write better titles
Titles are the most important aspect of your content for search engines. In 2007 publicized an article, on Google’s search engine ranking factors, the article is still a great resource if you want to know more about SEO factors, You can find it at SEO

37 of the world’s best search engine optimization specialists worked together on this piece of information, and the number one factor for good rankings was, and still is Keyword use in the title tag! Simply rewriting the title of your page can help you to get better rankings.

If you started with a title such as “Make Money at Home” it would be in competition with about 18,000,000 hits on Google. If your article is about the design of money making, and you add the keyword “design” to the title, it is:

•  More on topic and relevant to the search results

•  In a much better position to compete

Changing your title from “Make Money at Home” to “Ways to make money online” will get you in competition with 30,000 competitors. Those are numbers that you can handle to start with and try to rank better.

Getting more keywords into your title

Now it’s time to look at what your article is about did you write about the money making in general, or about the structure of the money making system. The article I am writing about contains a lot of information about the use of Money making elements such as how to make money, ways to make money, and easy ways to make money.

The title could now be changed to How to Make Money Online” or “Money making Easy and Quick”. In these titles you have the main keywords “Make Money” along with additional keywords such as money, money online, and easy money. So now you have a lot more possible keywords to rank for than just “Make Money”.

The best part of this title rewriting for your web site is that you get more visitors who have found your site on the topics related to Make Money. In the long run, you will start ranking better with those highly competitive keyword combinations, because of this relevance.

Writing titles this way also makes it easier for people to filter the search engine results and choose your page title to click on, as it gives more information about the topic of that page. In simple words, it becomes more click able because of that extra information. In your blog or web site you can also change the page title without changing the URL of that page. This means that your current rankings are not affected by the change, as long as you use the Alias as a part of URL creation.

With the SEF patch in place, you can write the main title as you normally would and use the HTML Title field for the extended version. You will learn more about these options in the following pages. Meta tag description, html title meta tag keywords, Robot meta tag, Google settings, etc

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