Joomla Search Engine Friendly urls

First of all you need to be clear about what kind of URLs will provide you with the best results in the search engine rankings.

If you look at the search engine results page (SERF) you will find that the best performing URLs are the clean ones-the ones without a lot of parameters. If you look at a Joomla! URL that is created without any SEO options active on the site, you will see a URL similar to the following:

But with all the default SEO options set, along with an Search engine friendly component, the URL will become similar to the following:

Not only is it a shorter URL, but is also in a better shape for people to remember. Another thing you should notice is also the category in which the “keyword rich” now and is placed before the article title.

In the first example the Joomla! article ID, category ID, and item ID were in the URL. With both standard SEO options and an  Search engine friendly component these number are gone. Now search for the keywords you are targeting in Google and look at the URLs of the top ranking web sites. In my case it would be the term landscape gardening.

As you can see, all the top performers have clean URLs and their lengths range from short to very short! So, what we are aiming for is a short, keyword-rich, easy-to-remember URL.

The best way to accomplish this for your Joomla! site is by using the standard Search engine optimization functions, enhanced with a  Search engine friendly  component that is able to deliver to you the best possible options.

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