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Search engine optimization is the science of increasing traffic to your blog by improving the internal and external factors influencing ranking in search results.

Hundreds of scientists and mathematicians are constantly working in quiet rooms to increase the artificial intelligence of its search engine so every year SEO gets more complicated as Google rolls out updates and changes the rules.

A great benefit of having a website optimized for search engine is that the traffic that is brings is free. You don’t have to pay for this. If you’re running a website, I’m sure you’re looking for ways to improve search ranking

Increasing your rankings on the organic side of the search engine results requires planning, creativity and above all patience. By following these simple tips you can improve your search engine ranking and get more customers.

Most platform hosted websites do this naturally already, but if you have a custom built website you need to think about your webpage structure and HTML readability. If your website is heavy on Flash, make sure there’s a text based description that lives in the HTML to help clue in the search bots.

The blog title, which should also contain your main keyword to ensure high search engine ranking optimization, should be in an tag So make sure your header tags are set correctly

The most important part of your blog is the content. Write articles that your readers are interested in and you will begin to build traffic. So regularly add high quality articles to your website so that people visit your site.

Pay attention to permalinks. Your permalink should be as short as you can make it while still using your keywords for the post.

In order to fully optimize your site, you must focus on keyword density. Do not include more than 20 percent of keywords on your page.

The title tag has long been regarded to be the most important on page element. Put a lot of thought into the titles of your blogs as they are the most influential factor on your ranking in the search engine results pages.

Major search engines provide information and guidelines to help with site optimization. Google, Bing has a Sitemaps program to help webmasters learn if there are having any problems indexing website. Sitemap is selection of all your blog post and website pages which can be indexed by Search engines. Submit your Sitemap to Google or other search engines.

Give your visitors the opportunity to contribute post comments, ask questions, vote in a poll, submit product reviews or forward links and images to friends. These features encourage visitors to return and tell others about your site. Increasing traffic to your site can in turn attract the attention of the search engines.

Now that you have higher rankings as a goal, put these suggestions to the test and move forward with your plans

Remember, There are A lot of techniques for doing search engine optimization, but blogs or website position in Google or other look for Search engines are regarded when it has some high quality excellent material and All primary SEO Actions done.

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