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If you’ve ever wanted some serious help with planning your online display ads, cheer up.

Google has launched an Ad Planner,  Ad Planner is integrated with Adwords and it’s a complicated process Publisher Center. Its lets you research & locate websites with target audiences closely matching your ad target audience.

They hope will improve the data offered by the media planning tool. It provides marketers with a demographics breakdown for selected web sites that includes valuable information, such as country ( Other demographics information), Online activities, income,  education, gender, age, Interest/habits, language etc.

I think that Google AdPlanner should be your first step to check out any stats about a particular website and Data comes from Google Search, Google Analytics. I highly suggest signing up for the beta and taking this very powerful tool for a test drive because it totally kills Alexa, Compete, and Quantcast.


Google AdPlanner won’t stop at just a suggestion… it will give you approximate levels of traffic. All this is very useful information for search engine optimization (SEO) as well. Once you find out demographics and related searches for a site,

AdPlanner suitable ad format that can help you to: 

  • New Site Ranking Methods
  • Interactive Media Plan Analysis
  • Improved Audience Definitions
  • Make full use of the allocated budget
  • Minimize audience overlapping to ensure cost-effective

Every website that has been added to Google Webmaster Tools can be added to Google Ad Planner which then offers a basic interface to add information about the website.

Finally, Google Ad planner aka DoubleClick Ad planner is a FREE tool that helps us to do media planning. The idea behind Ad Planner is extremely powerful. you can compare and contrast site traffic data quite easily, just punch ’em into the left navigation and boom! Overall, the reviews of Google Ad Planner are good and the service is fast & free for all. It is also good as you can select to show data from one particular country.

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