Already 13 Million Users Register Google+


Google Plus is expected to hit 13 million users by today (17 th of July). The data are the outcome of an examination made by World leading brand Google will easily pass 13 million users, it has gathered 10 million users in its first two weeks of beta test & could reach up to 20 million user by this coming weekend if they keep the Invite Button available. Its the first time in the history of Google.

Google plus is now the fastest growing social network of all time. I’d love to see how close these estimates are once Google releases some real numbers.

Mark Zuckerberg seemed relaxed when asked about the challenges posed by Google plus.


Of course Google plus might turn out to be great for one social networking site not so much for another. The same can already be true of Facebook and Twitter. Will Google plus break a record 100 million users within the shortest time from its launch? What do you think? Comments section waiting for you.


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